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You might be wondering, "WHAT IS HANDCLASP??" Well, when Tete was first called to Thailand, she had to leave the country every three months to renew her Visa. And each time she left, she bought souvenirs from Thailand and sold them back home in India for airfare. (When she became a Thai citizen, the rupee's value increased while the baht's value decreased. Such a God thing, right?) Anyway, during one of those trips out of the country, Tete's uncle (he has a cool story too!) told her to visit some missionary friends of his. Except he only gave her their names. No address. No phone number.

On the plane, the stewardess took interest in Tete, asking her lots of questions. The guy next to her noticed and offered to give her a ride to the missionary's house. She didn't give him a "yes" or "no" until she saw that this man's wife and son picked him up from the airport; she concluded that he's probably kind-hearted with good intentions.

They drove and drove, looking for this person who lives who knows where. They finally saw a truck parked outside a house with an American flag sticker. They rang the doorbell. It was the right house!

Months later, this missionary wrote Tete a letter wondering if she could bring a group to visit. Tete wrote back, "Yes. They can build toilets!" Don & Kay Fox were in this group, and as Kay helped Tete with many things throughout that trip, she got to know Tete's heart.

Fast forward...As the HRDC is not supported by a church or a certain denomination, it relies on donations from individuals. And lots of faith. Thailand's current law requires a $30 fee for every check that's cashed. So if someone donates $15, the HRDC actually ends up paying $15! This proved to be a difficult predicament, so Don & Kay started Handclasp. Every penny that Handclasp receives is given to the HRDC. :)

There are hundreds of stories like this one. All breathed into life by God. It's incredible.

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